Voznenko - Time to love (Original mix)
Time to love

About album

Voznenko – Time to Love is a musical poem filled with tender and sublime feelings. The composition begins with soft and gentle chords, like a light touch of the morning sun awakening the world after the night.

As the melody develops, we hear the voice of the heart revealing its deepest secrets, causing a whirlwind of emotions that flow through our veins, like a life-giving source of love.

The chords become rich and deep, as if whispering that the time for love has come. We feel the air fill with romance and our hearts begin to beat in unison with the music.

"Time to Love" is a melody that invites us to plunge into the world of sincere feelings and unforgettable experiences. She reminds us of how important it is to love and be loved, because only in the arms of a loved one do we find true happiness and harmony. This musical composition is a real hymn of love that can awaken the brightest and most tender feelings in each of us.

"Time to Love" encourages us to open our hearts to new adventures and joys, because love is what makes our lives beautiful and unique.